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Terms and Condition of Service Contract

  • This agreement is valid for the period stipulated in the contract.
  • SISCOCARE's service people will visit every hospital desirous of taking AMC and study the instruments.
  • The instruments which are worn out completely will not be covered under AMC.
  • Other instruments will be segregated as per the use in various surgeries and separate charges will applicable as per the condition of the instruments.
  • The charges for maintenance contract of instruments will be applicable for every 100 instruments.
  • Preventive maintenance will be done at the premises of the customers and for other repair the instruments will be brought to SISCO instruments service center by SISCOCARE‚Äôs authorized representative.
  • After servicing, the instruments will be returned to the hospital within 30 days from the date of collection or as agreed.
  • If there is any delay due to the availability of spares etc., it will be intimated to the customer.
  • If the customer is in urgent need of any such instruments, the spare if available will be given to them on request.
  • During the AMC period, if the instruments are repaired in any other place other than SISCOCARE service center than the agreement immediately becomes null and void.
  • Quarterly periodic maintenance check-ups will be provided and complaints / suggestion can be reported then.
  • The faults occurring out of misuse or improper use of instruments will not be covered under this service contract. However, the instruments will be serviced if agreed on chargeable basis.
  • The customer should follow the instructions given in the user manual for proper cleaning, maintenance and care of instruments. The faults arising out of improper system of cleaning or care will not be covered under this contract.
  • The instruments should be handled by the trained persons only.
  • The damages caused by strikes, lockouts, civil commotion, war, theft, riots, explosion or act of god or cause beyond our control will not be covered under this service contract.
  • During the servicing of the instruments, responsible person from the customer should be present.
  • In case of any dispute, the matter shall have to be settled by arbitration in Chennai and the Chennai court will have exclusive jurisdiction.

NOTE: Any taxes, duties, levies imposed by the central/state government during the contractual period will be claimed extra and will be payable by you on demand. No separate approval or amendment to the contract will be obtained for claiming this amount.