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Warranty Policy

SISCO welcomes the users of SISCO Surgical Instruments into the Warranty Guidance Procedure.

SISCO gives Two Years Warranty for Surgical Instruments against all Manufacturing Defects.

Manufacturing Defects Include (excluding Rust):

  1. Defective Raw material
  2. Breakage due to internal crack in the Material
  3. Heavy play in instrument and hence failed in functional test.
  4. Breakage due to Higher Hardness
  5. Out of Shape due to Lower Hardness
  6. Error in the parts of the instrument like number of Ratchets, teeth etc.
  7. Poor/Rough surface finish
  8. Folds / Pittings

Does not include defects due to

  1. Wear & Tear after use
  2. Sharpening Problem
  3. Misuse
  4. Abuse of Instruments
  5. Defective due to use of instruments by non-professional Persons
  6. Improper application
  7. Alteration
  8. Due to Accident
  9. Negligence in use
  10. Improper humidity and environmental conditions
  11. Improper stacking and storage
  12. Improper Transportation and Handling

Defect of Rust include

Due to Manufacturing Problem

  1. Raw Material Quality
  2. Improper Passivation
  3. Deep fold/pitting

Does not include defects due to

  1. Improper Autoclaving
  2. Improper Sterilization
  3. Use of Salt/ Chlorinated Water
  4. Improper Humidity / Storage
  5. Due to improper cleaning and residue of Blood Clots/ Stains

Procedures for Claim

  1. Proper Code No to be mentioned.
  2. Invoice No / Date to be mentioned.
  3. The Instrument to be returned only to the place where it is purchased from however it can be routed through our offices in case if you have bought the Instrument in exhibitions or from head office.
  4. A brief note on the defect observed

Other non-manufacturing Defects can be repaired on cost basis on approval from the Customer

  1. Resharpening
  2. Repolishing
  3. Reconditioning after wear & tear
  4. Change of Worn out parts

Duration of Repair / Replacement

Free Repair / Replacement – 60 days from the date of return of Instruments / Chargeable Repair – 60 days from the date of approval of the Repair Cost.