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Annual Service Maintenance Contract


Surgical Instruments are designed to perform specific functions such as cutting, grasping, clamping, dissecting, probing, retracting, draining, aspirating, suturing, or legating. Surgical instruments may also be used to facilitate the insertion of surgical implants.

The use of an instruments for tasks other than those for which they are indicated may result in damaged or broken instruments.

Proper cleaning, handling, sterilization and standard routine maintenance (such as sharpening, if applicable) will ensure that the surgical instruments perform as intended and will extend their useful life.

SISCO as manufacturers of surgical instruments felt the need of the hour for the proper Maintenance of Surgical Instruments.

With number of surgeries increasing in every field, it will be very convenient if an annual maintenance contract is entered in every hospital so that the intricacies of maintenance can be left to the professionals who manufacture the same.

Now, SISCOCARE offers annual maintenance contract for all its customers, who uses SISCO surgical instruments. This Contract is aimed at providing the best service and personal care to all its customers.

Highlights of the Contract


  1. SISCO INSTRUMENTS (Not under warranty)
  2. OTHER REPUTED IMPORTED BRANDS on request & request agreed by SISCO.




Under preventive maintenance instruments will be inspected, cleaned and lubricated on quarterly Basis.

Two Breakdown visits will be done on call basis free of cost during the contract period. More than two calls, cost of visit will be charged extra.


While doing inspection under preventive maintenance, if it is observed that any instrument is likely to develop any problem it will be highlighted and action for repair along with estimate will be advised. Upon approval, these problems will be attended to, like sharpening, Tip alignment, TC insert replacement, Ratchet adjustment etc.,
While Tip alignment / Ratchet Adjustment is done free of cost, sharpening / tip replacement will be charged extra.


If any instrument has developed a problem

a. SISCO Instruments Under warranty:

  • If it is manufacturing defect, the instruments will be repaired free of cost.
  • If the problem is due to mishandling or misuse, if it can be serviced the same will be done on chargeable basis.
  • If the problem is with respect to tip alignment, Ratchet Adjustment the same will be done free of cost. Sharpening, carbide tip replacement will be done on chargeable basis.

b. SISCO instruments not under warranty or other instruments under AMC

  • The estimate charge for repair will be intimated and upon approval the same will be undertaken. if the problem is with respect to tip alignment, Ratchet adjustment, the same will be done free of cost. Sharpening, carbide tip replacement will be done on chargeable basis.

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