As a pioneer in surgical technologies, over the course of six decades SISCO has in collaboration with surgeons and engineers who helped us to develop numerous instruments/ solutions to keep up with the ever-evolving surgical practice around the world. With a core of highly experienced engineers forming our backbone, the research and development at SISCO is a fast-growing division with plenty of opportunities ahead.

If you feel you have the next big idea in the surgical realm, SISCO is glad to support you. From design of instruments, catheters, latex devices, IT solutions, Hospital equipment and Telemedicine, we are ready to offer our best services in bringing out your product to the world. For any information please contact our email below:

we will respond to you as soon as we can.

SISCO also offers Hospitals an easy solution for care and maintenance,

We offer seminars and courses in the right method of taking care of your surgical instruments. From washing to storing as well as the right way of packing ensures your instruments stay long time rust and problem free. For more details on Care and maintenance of Surgical instruments please contact a SISCO branch nearest to you.